Outlander III LDW problem initialising

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Outlander III LDW problem initialising

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Good day,

I am new here with you in the forum and come from Germany.

I think your site is great!
It has already helped me a lot!
And I know no better site!

I have a 2014 Outlander III PHEV.

Shortly after a crack in the windshield the LDW failed.
Now I have a new windshield (original Mitsubishi) installed.

However, the LDW still brings me permanently C1703 and C1706.

About MUT III I could delete the camera internal data.
However, I can not let it learn the internal data.

I followed the instructions.
White sheet of paper.
A lot of light on the sensor.
Start learning
and it stops at "In Progress".

LDW message in speedometer does not start flashing.
...as it should...

Does anyone have an idea what else I could do.

The workshop wants to install a new ECU.

Thanks and greetings


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