MMCS Firmware update question

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MMCS Firmware update question

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Hello everyone,

I have a 2008 Lancer CY with the HDD MMCS. It has never been updated, everything is from 2007.

I have no problem removing the HDD, unlocking, updating maps, CDDB, etc, but first I want to update the loader.

My device says E-02 on the front, I've attached photos of the software versions [NR-261EM 1.09 h/W 00.07, part number 8750A143]

Question is: which loader version should I apply? I see C-01, E-02, E-06, P-01 should be compatible, but I have no idea which to use [and I'd rather ask first rather than break something]

All I've done so far is update the can box [126], no problem there.

Another question: how do I update the handsfree module? I have the v19 update, burnt the file to CD-R [closed session], but I don't know how to initiate - the only instructions I saw were using USB and I don't have a port... Also, I don't see the Handsfree Module menu under either Service menu or Development Service menu.

I'm looking to keep the English interface, but intend to update maps to cover Eastern Europe.

Thank you!

I'll be around if I can provide other information to properly choose the updates.

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MMCS Firmware update question

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Hello I have the same question. I used firmware e-02. It looks its working but time and date is wrong. But I would like to ask you how did you find out you have firmware version e-02? And how did you update CAN box i can't find it. And lastly what is CAN box good for? thanks for respond.


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